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Cemetery Information System
with Dynamic Mapping

The purpose of this study is to create a system that provides deceased information and tomb mapping for guests and cemetery personnel. Visitors don’t need to waste time searching for their loved one’s graves, instead they can use the system to give them a particular grave spot where the inputted data matched. It is more convenient and accurate for searching and locating burial sites since it is made for portable-use, where you can pinpoint a sepulcher just in your hands.

It is beneficial to both cemetery proprietor and departed person’s relatives because of its accessibility wherein it is user-friendly and its interface doesn’t require technical knowledge about computers. Providing information is very common when it comes to mapping systems, the system is made to lay out a map that is modifiable and adaptable.

The Reservation process for the system would provide a color scheme that would allow the clients to identify which lot would be available for reservation and shall display the lot size and land id. The color scheme would be Yellow for reserved, Blue for an available slot, and Red for occupied.


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